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Air Express Shipping Rate Table

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*Dimension weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. For each shipment, you are charged based on the dimensional weight or actual weight of the package—whichever is greater.



☑ Weight/Dimension/Price Limit

   ∎ Weight Limit = 60 LBS / Box

   ∎ Dimension Limit = one side being 40" OR sum of three sides (H+W+L) being 62"

   ∎ Price Limit =  $2,500 / Total value

☑ Prohibited Items = TV, Monitor, Fragile Items

    According to IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) ;

  • Class 1—Explosives

  • Class 2—Gases

  • Class 3—Flammable Liquids

  • Class 4—Flammable Solids; Substances Liable to Spontaneous Combustion; Substances which, in Contact with Water Emit Flammable Gases

  • Class 5—Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxides

  • Class 6—Toxic and Infectious Substances

  • Class 7—Radioactive Material

  • Class 8—Corrosives

  • Class 9—Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles, Including Environmentally Hazardous Substances

☑ Tax Free = Up to $150

Only those for personal use that their total customs value is no more than USD 150 are exempted from customs duties and VAT. If the total customs value exceeds USD 150, customs duties and VAT will be calculated based on the total customs value.

☑ Required Receiver's Information

    ∎ Name.  ∎ Phone Number(010-XXXX-XXXX).  ∎ Address.

    ∎ Personal Customs Clearance Code(Korea Citizen) / Passport Number(Non-Korea Citizen).

Customs clearance is the responsibility of the consignor, not the carrier. Before you ship shipments to another country, make sure to know their clearance regulations. 

For more information, visit "Korea Customs Service".

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